Monday, June 23, 2008

international glamour model Dominique Hourani - So Sexy Candids

Dominique Hourani - So Sexy Candids

Earlier this year -- on June 16, 2007 -- Dominique Hourani graced a stage at the International Arab American Festival in Dearborn, Michigan. In person, she's stunningly beautiful, transcending fashion photography, the flesh mightier than the image. Partly charisma, partly something inexplicable. In any case, her internet fan club reports that she married some dude on November 11.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Happy 27th Birthday Adriana Lima - June 12 Sexy Brazillian photo overload

Today is Adriana's 27th Birthday!!

Happy Birthday Adriana, you are a Goddess!!

One of the planet’s most beautiful Brazilian Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima, celebrates her birthday on this 12th of June. She is 27.

While we’re disappointed she’s chosen to date a mediocre NBA player (we hate you, Marko Jaric) and not us, we nonetheless wish her all the best!

Here’s a little (sexy) gallery of Adriana Lima pictures our staff put together to commemorate her special day. Click to enlarge them!