Sunday, August 17, 2008

Hairy Arm Taylor Swift - candids in Central Park in New York City

Taylor Swift - candids in Central Park in New York City

Country singer and sexy Vixen Taylor Swift was shot here candid in New York after her recent visit, if you look closely the angle of the camera really took the hairy arm surprise.

While everyone has been trying to figure out the dating triangle of Miley Cyrus, Nick Jonas and Selena Gomez did rising country music superstar Taylor Swift and Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers sneak one by while everyone was looking elsewhere? There were reports in july that were denied that the two were a possible item.

Now Us Weekly magazine has an interesting item where thy note that Taylor Swift may have joined the Jonas Brothers on stage twice during their tour because she has a cameo in their next concert film, but it has still fueled rumors she's sparking with Joe Jonas.

So are they dating? The report from the magazine that notes that one source says that while shooting a video recently, Swift "couldn't stop texting him." Jonas, 19, also visited Swift, 18, in her Hendersonville, Tenn., hometown July 24.

The magazine adds, "Plus, the source adds that during a recent photo shoot with Reba McEntire and Martina McBride, Swift called Jonas so he could talk to McEntire." Cue the rep™: Denials again, Swift's rep denies the phone call was made and tells Us Weekly, "They're friends."

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